Image: 20 - An Exciting Time of The Year

August, named after the first Roman Emperor Augustus, is now with us. We still have our beautiful summer weather, and a bank holiday to look forward this weekend. So while the summer sunshine is still beating down on us, why not avail yourself of the history and welcoming atmosphere of The Sloop Inn based in Llandogo?

Emperor Augustus had the month August named after him because of all the fortunate things that happened to him in that month, so August is the month for fortunate things! Who knows? An evening there may bring you good fortune too?

On top of that, if history is your thing, a little research and chat with the owners could bring about some fortuitous knowledge too. Did you know a stream used to run beneath the building?

This and many other exciting pieces of information can be found by spending time at The Sloop Inn. Simply click the header image on any page to send us an email.

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