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30/09/2018: Our local gargoyle's been missing the live music again

This time, he has missed so many bands through not being able to drive on account of being made of stone and just under a foot small, it has made him especially grumpy.

He has become so grumpy in fact, that it was all just too much for one gargoyle, so he has had to split himself into two, just to accommmodate the level of grumpiness. That is a special trick, that only gargoyles can do, so please don't try it at home.

The best way to avoid such grumpiness is to join all the other happy non-gargoyle types for live music at the Sloop, now twice a month!

On Saturday the 6th of October, we have the very welcome return of Acoustic Union, who went down fabulously well on their last visit, so cast off gloom, abandon grumpy (no matter how much he begs to come with you) and get down for some great live music at the Sloop.

See you there!

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